About Us

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The Journey Forward:

The Raido Report provides a forum for discussing positive new ways forward for individuals, for organizations, for governments and for the world. We seek to transcend that which divides human beings and focus on ways that we can use our personal and collective power to create more enjoyable, more fulfilling, more connected lives. “Raido” comes from the ancient Norse runic alphabet. Known as the traveler’s rune, ancient Nordic peoples associated Raido with journeying, adventure, heroism, a feeling of being in control, being on the right path, moral responsibility and a strong inner compass.  Life is a journey. The Raido Report seeks to introduce solid research and first-hand experience aimed at helping make that journey as happy and fulfilling as possible for as many people as possible.

Who We Are:

Founder and Editor-In-Chief Ryan Rynbrandt has been a Professor of Political Science at Collin College in Plano, TX since 2007. The published co-author of two editions of Practicing Texas Politics by Cengage Learning, he has also worked as an independent educational products consultant and is an artist, musician, yoga teacher, traveler and all-around lover of life. Professor Rynbrandt is currently completing work on a book on the Pursuit of Happiness.

Contributors to The Raido Report include some of the leading academics, researchers, practitioners and others on the front lines of making the world better place for individuals, organizations and societies.

Want to Join the Journey?

We seek to provide content grounded in solid scientific research and first-hand experience that leads to a happier, healthier world. If you wish to contribute, please submit drafts of articles or videos along with your credentials to theraidoreport@gmail.com

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